University Of Birmingham Access Agreement

The University of Birmingham has published with the Office for Students (OfS) an Access and Participation Plan (APP) which sets out our commitment to expanding participation and lists our objectives for advancement in supporting key under-represented groups in higher education. Our goal is to improve access, create equal opportunities and enable progress through higher education. The University of Birmingham`s Access and Participation Plan 2020-21 is available for download and announcements. This agreement will further encourage authors from the University of Birmingham to publish Open Access, which will increase acceptance of open access to research results, most often publicly funded, for the benefit of the scientific community and the public at large, while reducing costs. Eligible authors benefit from an optimized billing process that relieves authors of the responsibility for payment. In addition, the University of Birmingham benefits from a discount on processing item charges (APCs) for items covered by this Agreement. To submit your article to Frontiers under this agreement, please select „University of Birmingham“ as the payer in the accounting when you submit your article. Frontiers will then verify your permission with the University of Birmingham and, if confirmed, the APC will be paid by the university upon acceptance. Below are our current and past access agreements. Just choose the academic year you are interested in. The university requires authors to complete an APC application form from the university before being submitted to the journal they have chosen. The form is available under We are pleased to inform you that the University of Birmingham has signed up to the National Open Access Agreement between Jisc Collections and Frontiers.

This breakthrough agreement offers a simplified and optimised way to publish open access for UK researchers who publish 7% of the world`s research. Our Access and Participation Plan (formerly known as the Access Agreement) is a document that outlines how we want to ensure and promote equitable access to higher education through our public relations, financial support, etc. These include goals and milestones that we have set for ourselves. Any university or university wishing to collect tuition fees for home/EU country students and/or postgraduate students in PGCE or initial training courses above the basic level must have an access agreement approved by the Director of Equitable Access at the Office for Students (OfS). This is the case for full-time students and part-time students who study at an intensity of at least 25 percent of full-time studies. .