Subscription Agreement Osc

Periscope may, if necessary, transmit personal data to third parties and its associated companies, in connection with the services provided as part of their subscription, including: Please also note that if you leave our site, other websites may have other privacy policies and conditions that are not controlled. Please check the privacy policy of these websites and their „terms of use“ before doing business or downloading any information. We only collect the necessary personal data. We keep personal data for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes indicated when collecting the information or as long as the rules require. If we say that we no longer need your data, we will erase the electronic records and destroy the physical records. Periscope strives to carefully protect its customers` private data and limits access to customers` personal data only to employees and others who need to know the information in order for Periscope to provide services. Periscope staff members are subject to a code of conduct on the confidentiality of all personal data to which they may access and are responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of all personal data to which they may access. Periscope collects and maintains your personal data in order to provide the best possible service to customers and to enable us to determine your identity, protect Periscope from error and fraud, comply with applicable laws, assess your right to invest in our funds and determine for you the suitability to invest in our funds. By using our site, you accept our disclaimer and agree to its terms. Investors` personal data is managed on our networks or on the networks of our service providers and is accessible at 333 Bay St., Suite 1240, Bay Adelaide Centre, Toronto, ON M5H 2R2. Personal data may also be stored in a secure offsite storage network or in a secure offsite storage device. Investors residing in Ontario should be aware that Periscope is required to submit to the Ontario Securities Commission a report indicating their name and address, the class and series of units issued, the date of issue and the purchase price of the units issued to each subscriber. This information is collected indirectly by the Ontario Securities Commission, in accordance with its authority under securities laws, for the purposes of managing and enforcing Ontario`s securities legislation.

By filing a subscription agreement, a subscription agreement authorizes such indirect collection of information by the Ontario Securities Commission. The following official may answer questions regarding the indirect collection of information by the Ontario Securities Commission: If we update, amend or amend this document, those changes will be published here in a substantial manner. . . .