L And Q Tenancy Agreement

If there are no problems and circumstances have not changed, we usually offer you a new temporary lease. If you take out your starter rental and there is no problem, we offer you a temporary rental contract with us. A temporary lease is a kind of guaranteed short-term lease agreement. It gives you the right to live in your home for a certain period of time, usually five years. It is really important that you tell us as soon as possible if you have any problems with your rental, so that we can try to help you solve the problem or get the right help. Sometimes this may mean that you can refer to other organizations that can better help and support you. Most private tenants can only pass on their rental agreement to someone else if the landlord consents. The landlord will establish a new lease. There is a certain category of private tenants, called protected tenants, who have a legal right of succession.

If a protected tenant dies, someone who lived with him can inherit the lease. Your starter lease is a legal document and you should keep it in a safe place. If your application for succession is rejected, you should be justified in writing. If you don`t have permission to inherit a lease, you can talk to a Housing Rights advisor to find out if you can do something else. You are expected to cooperate with all employees and representatives, including our contractors and representatives. If you do not give us access to your property, this may lead to a decision not to grant you another lease. The houses are offered on rentals of at least three years. However, if you have had rental issues, such as rent arrears, irregular rents, denial of access to repairs or security checks, antisocial behavior, or other rental violations, we may not offer you a temporary rental agreement. A 1 is generous.

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