Jira Service Desk Service Level Agreements

Anyone who manages a service desk (or support function) would like to know if and to what extent customers resolve their own requests using knowledge base articles instead of sending a request to the Service Desk. But how do you know that someone has read the article to reset password in your knowledge database and has not entered a service ticket? Can you certainly correlate with the fact that service desk requests have decreased by 25% since the addition of 10 new knowledge base articles? Was the 25% drop a direct result of these new knowledge base articles? At what point do you find that other factors are at play: a week later? A month? One year? There is no simple answer to these questions. Notification to the customer is part of what makes this metric a measure of responsiveness. A customer should be able to view the request to see their current status, and if that status indicates that the ticket is „being processed,“ the customer knows that someone has started working on it. The customer sees this and immediately feels comfortable that someone has opened the ticket and at least started…