Framework Partnership Agreement Definition

The Framework Partnership Agreement sets out the principles of the partnership between ECHO and humanitarian organisations. It defines the respective roles, rights and obligations of the partners and contains the legislation applicable to humanitarian actions funded by DG ECHO. Once the Partnership Agreement has been signed, partners can submit project proposals annually in response to the published Humanitarian Implementation Plans (ICH) approved by DG ECHO. Promote the concept of partnership for quality. The signing of this Framework Partnership Agreement is based on a selection procedure and on the obligation to improve the delivery of humanitarian aid. The Commission will support capacity building initiatives and other activities aimed at improving the quality of humanitarian aid from its partners. The partnership established by this Framework Partnership Agreement is based on trust and respect for the objectives, principles and values set out in that Framework Partnership Agreement. The Parties undertake to promote and strengthen their relations and cooperation by ensuring that each Party is aware of and respects the mandates, charters or statutes of the other Parties and by recognising the specificity of the other`s contribution to humanitarian action. The Contracting Parties shall carry out their tasks in the implementation of actions financed by the European Community, while preserving their freedom and autonomy and exercising their responsibilities.

Measures are eligible for Community funding only if they are relevant to international humanitarian law. Support for the persons concerned in the context of actions must be guided by and comply with the following fundamental humanitarian principles: define the control framework which provides DG ECHO with sufficient guarantees as to the proper implementation of the budget, while preserving the diversity of partners. THE COMMISSION`S DIRECTORATE-GENERAL FOR HUMANITARIAN AID AND CIVIL PROTECTION (DG ECHO) DOES NOT INTERVENE DIRECTLY ON THE GROUND. The implementation of humanitarian aid is carried out by humanitarian organisations such as humanitarian non-governmental organisations (NGOs), with which DG ECHO partners. DG ECHO is committed to strengthening its relations with partner humanitarian organisations so that they have the appropriate legal, administrative and strategic framework to deliver aid in a relevant, effective and timely manner. . . .