Citrix Eula Agreement

10.3 Consent to the use of data. You agree that Citrix may collect and use data and related information, including, but not limited to, technical information relating to related devices, systems, software, services, or devices related to your use of the products and services provided under this Agreement (excluding End User Content). The data collected may be used to facilitate the provision of software updates, license authentication, support, analysis, and other purposes, in accordance with the current citrix privacy policy on You must provide end users with all information or guidance necessary under applicable data protection legislation to give consent to those end users and, where appropriate, obtain the consent or choice of those end users. By using the products and services provided under this Agreement, you agree to the Citrix Privacy Policy and the use of the Collection Usage tools (including the requirements set forth herein) used by Citrix to facilitate the provision of the products and services in accordance with this Agreement. „CSP Service Agreement“ means a service agreement between you and your end customer. „Products“, individually or collectively, all server products, SaaS and/or documentation that are provided as part of the Citrix Service Provider program and contained in the program manual. Product availability is subject to the citrix Product Lifecycle Policy on Program simplicity Sign up for a single, simple online agreement that covers all Citrix Eligible products to make it easier to shop across your enterprise now and in the future. 13.3 No Partnership.

Neither this Agreement nor the terms set forth in this Agreement shall be construed as creating any partnership, joint venture, franchise, or agency relationship between you and Citrix. You agree to inform your end users that you are an independent company of Citrix and not to support you as a representative of Citrix or to attempt to bind Citrix to an agreement with third parties. You may not provide additional assurances, obligations, or warranties that are binding on Citrix. 5.3 Evaluation Copies. In order to enable end users or potential end users to evaluate the CSP Service, you may exercise the license rights granted under this Agreement free of charge for a period of thirty (30) days after granting access to the CSP Services or parts of the CSP Services (the „Evaluation Period“), provided, however, that you do not charge end users for access to or use of the Products during the Evaluation Period. . . .