Agreement With Security Guard Service

and if the company experienced in providing security services to industrial units and other organizations has offered to provide safety services to the employer of the said plant and the employer has agreed to benefit from the services provided by the company. 6. The enterprise shall exempt the employer from any right, loss or injury caused or caused to the employer by intentional acts or omissions or by negligence of security personnel employed by the enterprise during the service. The company represents ……. Security personnel to protect and protect the plant in question in accordance with the employer`s requirements. The security forces made available by the company will be on duty for 8 hours for twenty-four hours and will ensure 24 hours a day the complete safety order and protection of this plant. 4. The company obtains, where applicable, a license that, under local or central laws, is necessary for the provision of security services to the employer. (7) The employer shall pay an amount of Rs. …… (Rupees………

only) per vigil per month and a sum of Rs. …… by vigil during three national holidays for the services provided by the company no later than the 10th day of the following month, at the presentation of the law by the company. The employer cannot make payments to security guards and payment is made only to the company….