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. CWA 14925:2004 Generic ICT Skills Profiles for the ICT Supply Industry – a space career review cEN/ISSS ICT-Skills Workshop. The workshop aims to promote excellence in the ICT sector and strengthen ICT professions by creating appropriate pre-standards of support that can be applied in Europe and around the world. CWA 16052-2:2013 ICT Certification in Action (revised CWA 16052: 2009) European ICT Professional Role Profiles (Version 2) were published in 2018 by ceN as the CEN Workshop (CWA). CWAs are available free of charge and the four parts of the European Professional Roles Profiles CWA can be downloaded below (source: CEN). CWA 16213: 2010 Online Skills Framework for End-Users The European Online Skills Framework EN16234-1:2019 has been published by the NEC as a European Standard. European standards can be purchased at the national outlets of CEN member bodies (source: CEN). Interested individuals can register to participate in this activity by contacting the ceN workshop secretariat. . . . CWA 16234-3:2014 European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) – Part 3: Construction of e-CF – a combination of solid methodology and expertise (replaced by TR 16234-3 :2016 – under the project) CWA 16234-4:2014 European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) – Part 4: 15 Case studies to illustrate the practical application of E-CF . .

CWA 16234-2: 2010 European e-Competence Framework 2.0- Part 2: User Guidelines for the Application of the European Electronic Competence Framework 2.0 (replaced by CWA 16234-2:2:2:2014) The results of the project are published via CEN Workshop Agreements (CWAs). Since 2006, the CEN ICT Skills Workshop has published the following CWAs: CWA 16367:2011 Implementation of the E-Competence Framework in SME CWA 15515:2006 European Skills ICT Meta-Framework – State-of-the-Art Review, clarification of realities and recommendations for the next steps. . The CEN Workshop ICT Skills consists of a network of itk industry experts, higher education institutions and vocational training organisations, industry and professional associations, employers, trade unions and research institutes. The CEN ICT Skills Workshop has been operational since the beginning of 2003. Since its inception, the workshop has contributed to the European Commission`s long-term e-skills agenda(EC). For more information on European e-skills initiatives, visit the European Commission`s e-skills website/DG Enterprises and Industry. The CEN ICT Skills Workshop has been meeting regularly since 2003. From the start of the workshop on the European Commission`s (EC) long-term electronic skills agenda. Information on the European Commission`s e-skills initiatives is available on the European Commission`s e-Skills website.- The aim of the workshop is to promote excellence in the ICT sector and strengthen the ICT profession.

To do this, the workshop will develop standards that can be applied at European and global level. . If you would like to participate in the workshop, please contact the CEN workshop secretariat. CWA 16624-1:2013 e-Competence Framework for ICT Users Part 1: Framework Content Click here for the ICT Skills Workshop section on the CEN website. . The CEN ICT Skills Workshop is a network of experts from the ICT industry, academic institutions, vocational training, ICT professional organisations, social partners and research institutes. CWA 15893-1:2008 European Electronic Skills Framework – Part 1: The Framework (replaced by CWA 16234:2010 Part 1). . CWA 16234-1:2010 European e-Competence Framework 2.0- Part 1: A Common European Framework for ICT Professionals in All Industry Sectors CWA 16053: 2009 Interoperability of European e-Career Services