Sober Living Home Rental Agreement

1. Hire a sober home manager who has a considerable clean time. The healing of addicts will listen to someone who was in their shoes and who is well informed. You can offer free rent against certain tasks. hello someone can help me get information about a situation right now. I`ve been living in a sober house in New York for the last 3 months, and I was fired last week because I let my girlfriend use our upstairs bathroom, I don`t drink, I didn`t use drugs, Neither did she. I was given an hour to pack up and leave. And I asked for my bail, and the guy running the house said no. If anyone knows the legal rights I have, please contact me as soon as possible A three-day notice with one day to respect gives the tenant a day after receiving notice to stop using drugs or alcohol and to agree. If the tenant complies with the application, the landlord cannot go further with the eviction and the tenancy agreement will not be concluded. If the tenant cannot comply within one day of receiving the notification – and at the end of the three-day period if the tenant has not evacuated – the tenant can continue the eviction process by sending a subpoena to UDA. And the owner rightly expects this consequential use of the property throughout the lease, although the individual members of the house will probably change during that time with some regularity.

By entering into the lease as a group, not as individuals, the house is bound to the rental agreement for the duration of the lease, regardless of the changes made to the home`s membership. I`m just curious. I lived in a nursing home in York, PA. I spent 19 days there. I stayed sober and I`m still sober. I had to change my insurance for York County before I started the I.O.P. and got creative help. The owner knew I didn`t have a family to help me rent.

My mother left when I was 16 and my father 11 months ago. When I was the only child, I had no one who could help with the rent. I went out of rehab for 3 months, half home for 3 months, but because of the covid-19, half the house was put on Quantin. We were not allowed to work. He completed half the house and headed for this rescue house. Trying to find work. I was told on the 19th day that I was getting fired, that I had 15 to 20 minutes to go.