Ibm Data Studio License Agreement

IBM DB2 Storage Optimization Feature Use Limitation: UnrestrictedIBM DB2 pureScale Feature Use Limitation: UnrestrictedIBM InfoSphere Warehouse- Use Limitation: UnrestrictedtedM Base Warehouse Feature for DB2- Use Limitation: UnrestrictedIBM Enterprise Warehouse for DB2- Use: Limitation UnrestrictedtedM DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows for SAP Applications An authorized user is a single person who has access to the support program. The support program can be installed on any number of computers or servers, and each authorized user has simultaneous access to any number of instances in the support program. For any authorized user who directly or indirectly accesses the support program (for example. B through a multiplexing, injector or application server), the licensee must obtain separate and dedicated permissions. A claim for an authorized user is unique to that authorized user and should not be shared and should not be reassigned for the permanent transfer of the authorized user to another person. „Use by the main program“ means that the support program is exclusively intended to be used by the main program. Neither the licensee nor any application, any program or device has the right to use or access directly the services of the support program, unless the taker can access the support program to perform administrative functions for the support program, such as backup, restoration and authorized configuration. „Unrestricted“ means that, regardless of the above language, the licensee`s right to use the support program is not limited solely to support the licensee`s use of the main program. While other restrictions on the use of the support program by the licensee continue to apply, the licensee may use the support program for purposes independent of the licensed use of the main program.4. Additional support detailsThe program contains the following tools as support programs (the „tools“): – IBM Data Studio- IBM InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager for DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows, Extended Edition- IBM InfoSphere Optim Query Workload Tuner for DB2 for Linux, UNIX and Windows – IBM InfoSphere Optim Configuration Manager- IBM InfoSphere Optim pureQuery Runtime for Linux, UNIX and Windows – IBM InfoSphere Data Architect (a) to use earlier versions of the tools received as support programs with earlier versions of the licensed program to support the licensed licensed`s licensed use of this version of the program; and (b) to use the support tools contained in this program to support the licensee`s licensed use of earlier versions of the program; in any case, if:1.