Adform Data Processing Agreement

The consent of the individual user is the least legally risky option and the general legal basis for data processing. The individual consent of your users knowingly provides a solid legal basis for the collection and processing of personal data with the services provided by Cxense. If Cxense is used for a processing activity and a goal justified by a legitimate interest, the existing Cxense .js tag can be used without further modification. 2.7. Information/Purpose from Google Tag Manager: This site uses Google`s Tag Manager. With this service, the site tags can be managed via an interface. The Google Beacon Manager only implements tags. This means that no cookies are used and personal data is not stored. Google Tag Manager triggers other tags that collect data if necessary. However, the google tag manager does not access this data. If the deactivation is done at the domain or cookie level, it remains valid for all tracking tags when implemented with the Google Beacon Manager. We have reached an agreement with Facebook on common control that can be viewed here: This agreement sets out the respective responsibilities for the implementation of the RGPD commitment with respect to joint control.

The data we collect directly through our social media sites will be deleted from our systems as soon as storage of this data is no longer necessary, if you ask us to delete it, or if you withdraw your consent to data storage. Stored cookies stay on your device until you delete them. This clause does not affect mandatory legal requirements, including the indication of storage periods. You will find the purpose and extent of data collection and its processing by the plug-in provider in the privacy policies of these vendors mentioned below. They will also provide you with more information about your privacy rights and the removal of privacy options. In standard mode, the Cxense tag sends view data to the Cxense platform as soon as the page is loaded and immediately sends DMP data as soon as the script function is called to the site. Recommended widgets and advertisements for content are also loaded as soon as possible when the queue is processed or calls are made in theWidget or insertAdSpace system. This is the processing of personal data. As part of the necessary balancing of interests, we have compensated for your interest in the respective privacy of your personal data and our interest in making this website available and making contact with you. Their interest in privacy will prevail in both cases. If this were not the case, we would not be able to provide this website or respond to your contact request. Delete/resignation: this collected data is automatically deleted after 24 months if it no longer responds to the newsletter, z.B open (inactivity).