Wheelchair Rental Agreement Form

By the electronic signature of this Agreement, RENTEE is explained by the above terms and ensures that the person who signed it above has the full power to enter into this agreement and/or sign it on behalf of a similar company or entity. Creating a contract allows you to limit your liability and include certain conditions of use (for example.B. Indication of the item that can only be used in indoor spaces) in order to obtain the value of your equipment. With the model for the LawDepot equipment lease, you can specify conditions such as: A landlord and tenant can be either a person or a business, depending on the circumstances of the rent. For example, you might own a small business that manages forklift rentals for construction companies, or you may have to plan an event and rent audio devices (such as a sound system) to a friend. The type of rental period you choose for your equipment rental depends on your situation. For example, if you make a camera available to someone to photograph a unique event, you can choose to use an end date in your contract. If you are a heavy corporate equipment loan and you are renting a mini-shovel to another company for a long-term construction project, you can opt for a renewed contract every month or every year, so you won`t have to sign another equipment lease if the project lasts longer than expected. The mobility scooter/electric wheelchair equipment is cancelled on the date/time specified in the rental contract, so that the mobility scooter/electric wheelchair equipment can be recovered.

If you need to extend your rent, you must call us before the expiry. 01883 818729. NANNY M`S leases to the person who rents this contract (better known as retirees) for (mobility scooter/electric wheelchair) under all the conditions of this rental agreement and which Renter accepts: Mobility scooter / electric wheelchair equipment is owned by NANNY M`S and is in good condition. The tenant will return the scooter or electric wheelchair equipment in the same condition as at reception, at the end of the rental period for inspection and recharging of the battery (if necessary) or earlier, at the request of NANNY M`S NANNY M`M`S SCOOTER. Scooter mobility/wheelchair electric equipment can regain possession without need at any time if used in violation of the terms of this agreement. The tenant can cancel this order at any time.