Trimas Announces Agreement To Acquire Rapak

Liqui-Box has therefore entered into an agreement with TriMas, which has agreed to acquire the Rapak brand for global use, as well as bag-in-box product lines used in dairy, soda, smoothie and wine products. The acquisition will be completed following the successful completion of Liqui-Box`s acquisition of DS Smith plc Plastics Division. UFP takes over palletOne for $232 million, TriMas will also acquire autokap and Stericap brands and product lines and need the know-how to manufacture IntaSept bottling products. All „forward-looking“ statements contained in Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, including those contained in this context, including those relating to TriMas` business activity, financial condition or future results, involve risks and uncertainties, including general and monetary economic conditions; Materials and energy costs risks and uncertainties associated with intangible assets, including goodwill or any other intangible beef; Competitiveness factors Future trends The company`s ability to carry out its business strategies The company`s ability to identify attractive candidates for acquisition, successfully integrate acquired businesses or realize the expected benefits of such acquisitions; Information technology and other cyber risks; Services provided by subcontractors and suppliers Supply shortages Market demand Intellectual property factors Litigation State and regulatory measures, including, but not limited, to the effects of tariffs, quotas and increases; The company`s leverage Commitments that are imposed by debt securities; Labour disputes changes in tax and tax policies; potential liabilities related to acquisition activities; interruption of operations by catastrophic or exceptional events, including natural disasters; The potential effects of Brexit; tax considerations related to Cequent`s secession; The company`s future prospects and other risks listed in the Company`s management report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2018. These risks and uncertainties may cause actual results to differ materially from those indicated in the forward-looking statements. All forward-looking statements made in the statements are based on the information currently available and the Company undertakes no commitment to update any forward-looking statements, except as required by law. TriMas in Bloomfield Hills has signed an agreement to acquire the Rapak brand, an Illinois-based liquid packaging solutions company, including certain product lines for liquid packaging and Liqui-Box assets following Rapak`s acquisition of DS Smith Plc`s plastics division. The flexible packaging company has agreed to sell some dairy products, post-mix, smoothie and canned wine bag to acquire DS Smith.