Memoq Support And Maintenance Agreement

46. memoQ Ltd. may offer support and maintenance services in a single purchase including licenses for the product and associated service contract. MemoQ Ltd., however, is not required to offer such packages. (a) When the service is no longer available, the provider does its best to restore the server to operation in 2 (two) hours during normal support hours (see section 40) and in 36 hours (thirty-six) hours outside normal service hours, which were counted when the error was detected. a) Online cloud server service MemoQ b) MemoQ server hosting service c) Assistance and maintenance for subscription services and licensed products (applicable conditions) d) Language terminal (separate conditions, see chapter XVIII, sections 77-87) 31.7. When notifying of an incident of assistance, the customer must clearly state the urgency of the problem. When the assistance incident is reported on the supplier`s support site, the priority of urgent tickets must be prioritized as an emergency or critical. The customer does not report a critical priority unless it turns out to be a complete service outage. If the support incident is reported by email, the subject of the email should start with the word „URGENT“ or „CRITICAL“ to display the emergency. The customer must also indicate the delivery times or possible delays that he is aware of.

The customer must always indicate the urgency in the subject of the email. An incident that mentions the urgency in the text of the e-mail is not considered urgent or critical. 25. Compensation: If the availability of the service over a 12-month period falls below the level guaranteed on the supplier`s website, the provider reimburses the customer a portion of the service fee. (The availability level is displayed on Refunds are granted at the customer`s request and for months during which downtime is greater than the level allowed by the availability indicated on the supplier`s website. The refund is proportional to the time the service was not available. The maximum amount of repayment for one month with excessive downtime is 40% (40 percent) of the monthly service charge. No refunds are made for months in which service availability remains above the guaranteed level.

(a) Product maintenance: the supplier provides the customer, during the period of service, with new numbered versions of memoQ software products under license (hereafter referred to as „product“) and product maintenance (updates) for software licensed by the customer.