Docusign User Agreement

„DocuSign Agreement Cloud represents the future of our business – and the future is now,“ added Mr. Springer. „The cloud category of the agreement is inevitable. It complements other major categories such as CRM, HCM and ERP, all of which are related to the agreement process. At DocuSign, we already have an e-signature. Now we will expand to tackle the whole agreement process. For more information, visit, call 1-877-720-2040 or follow @DocuSign on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. Whether in the areas of law, procurement, sales, marketing or services, it is very likely that the agreement processes are positioned throughout your business. Modernizing your contract system is essential and helps you do business faster, while reducing costs, reducing risk and creating better experiences for your customers and employees. 5.2.1 Use or authorize access to DocuSign services in a manner that circumvents contractual restrictions on use or, under these conditions, in an applicable subscription plan or in docuSign`s appropriate use ( guidelines as a reference, goes beyond the metrics of use or use defined under these conditions; 3.3 Third-party services or equipment. Customers may choose to purchase products, services or materials provided or supported by third parties („third party services and equipment“) that are provided or supported for use with DocuSign services. DocuSign assumes no responsibility and expressly disclaims any liability or obligation for services and equipment provided by third parties in accordance with the terms of the current licence or a separate agreement between the third-party service licensee and the Client.

DocuSign does not accept any provision and/or guarantee that the services and materials of a third party are correct, up-to-date or that the laws, rules and/or jurisdictional rules in which third-party services and materials are used, are valid and enforceable, or are for the jurisdiction in which third-party services and materials are used, or for the needs of the customer. 6.1 DocuSign privacy policy. You acknowledge that the information you provide to us or that we collect is used and protected, as stated in DocuSign`s Privacy Policy ( as long as it is described under these business conditions or conditions. Please read the privacy policy carefully. B. In the case of minor negligence, DocuSign is only responsible for the violation of a material obligation („cardinal duty“). A cardinal duty within the meaning of this section 13.13 is an obligation whose performance is essential to the performance of this contract and which the contractor can therefore invoke. „Authorized user,“ any subscriber`s staff member or agent identified by a single email address and a single username and registered on the account, provided that no one can register or use the DocuSign signature as the same authorized user. If you have launched a subscription before December 18, 2019, your use of DocuSign services will be subject to the terms of the subscription 8.2.3.

DocuSign`s subscription plans are automatically renewed, unless otherwise stated. When you purchase a subscription plan, you agree to pay the current subscription plan fee and accept and acknowledge that it will be automatically renewed unless you announce your account before the current subscription period expires („subscription period“); (b) You stipulate that your account will not be automatically renewed by logging in to DocuSign Services or by contacting us here: (; (c) DocuSign refuses to renew your subscription plan; or (d) these conditions are properly terminated, as is expressly permitted. The subscription plan is automatically renewed each month or year, depending on the method chosen („extending period“)