Acs Journal Publishing Agreement

If you submit to an ACS journal, your manuscript will be analyzed in several steps. Your manuscript is first checked by the journal`s editor to check the correct formatting and other requirements. It is then checked by the editor to verify the scope, scientific merits and importance to ensure that it is appropriate for the journal. Finally, your manuscript is analyzed by an associate editor who selects appropriate experts for peer review. When publishing original research, ACS is committed to discouraging plagiarism, including self-plagiarism. ACS Publications uses CrossCheck`s iThenticate software to verify the resemblance of submitted manuscripts to published material. Note that your manuscript can be verified during the transmission process. ORCID iDs should not be entered into the manuscript. ACS only publishes ORCID iDs that were properly verified and linked before the manuscript was accepted. After connecting your iD ORCID, it will automatically be displayed in all manuscripts accepted later for all ACS magazines. We do not publish ORCID iDs provided during proof review or other communications after the adoption of a manuscript for publication. Articles may be removed for scientific or ethical reasons and requested by the author or editor,(s) but are eventually published at the publisher`s discretion.

Articles containing serious inaccurate or erroneous data, so that their conclusions and conclusions cannot be relied upon, may be removed in order to correct the scientific data. When an article is removed, a notice of revocation is issued, containing information on the reason for the revocation. The originally published article remains online, except in exceptional circumstances (for example. B if this is legally necessary or where the availability of published content poses risks to public health). At this point, it is important to know all your options. When preparing for the filing, consider your target audience and identify the field in which your results will have the greatest impact. With over 60 ACS magazines to choose from, you`re sure to find a cheap one for your research.